Team Sports Products

Wouldn't you like to give your favorite racer something different? Or to see your favorite racer in action 12 months out of the year? Bfbrawn Photography is now offering Specialty Products from Magazine covers to 12 month calendars.

For Magazine covers pick the cover style you want, see samples below. Pick the photo you want from any of the online photo albums and pick what you want the magazine cover to say and Bfbrawn Photography will do the rest.

Two styles of Calendars are offered. 8"x10" single photo calendar or 12 month 8.5"x11" spine in middle ($35.00 not shown). Whether it's a single photo calendar or a 12 month you pick the pictures and we'll do the rest. For the 12 month calendar please pick 13 photos from any of the online albums.

How about that unique gift? Trader cards. 12 cards of your favorite racer with all his stats on the back. When ordering trader cards please state which photo from any of the online albums along with the racer's stats. Note: 6 individual stats per trader card.

Also being offered are 5"x7" or 8"x10" of "Breaking the Sound Barrier" photo, see sample below, key chains and magnets are also available. Magnets come in two sizes 3x4.5" and 2x3.5". 2x3.5" comes 2 up.

8x10 Cycle Times $19.50 (Style A)

8x10 Cycle Times $19.50 (Style B)

8x10 SideCar Times $19.50 (Style C)

(12) 2.75 x 3.75 Trader Cards $20.00 - Front

The Racers Stats - Back

(12) 2.75 x 3.75 Trader Cards $20.00 - Front

The Racers Stats - Back

Breaking The Sound Barrier 5x7 ($12.50) 8x10 ($19.50)

Key Chain $12.00

Magnet $12.00

8x10 12 month Calendar $18.50 (Horizontal/Vertical)

Standard photo pricing (shipping included) is as follows:

4”x6” = $7.50

5”x7” = $10.50

8”x10” = $17.50

16”x20” Poster = $35.00

20”x30” Poster = $45.00

Mouse Pad = $22.50

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