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A long hard satisfying day

Hi everyone welcome to the Motor Sports page. The 12th annual Granite State Championship on Monday 9/7/09 weather was perfect for the end of the season races. I spent the morning at T2 and T3. After lunch I hung out at the chicane. At T2 and while at the chicane I shot with my 400mm lens and at turn 3 the 200mm lens. The Chicane seemed to be where most the the action occured during the afternoon races. The pictures are in the order that I shoot, which helps tell the story(s) of the day. It's sad to to see the season end and I hope everyone has enjoyed viewing my pictures as much as I've enjoyed shooting them.

The Firecracker Festival on Friday 7/3/2009 was dry with a lot of action on the track. During the practice run I mixed it hanging at T2, the chicane, and at the grid. For the races I was in my favorite spot T3. I got some great action of the riders going into turn 3 and leaving turn 10. Before the start of the Endurance race I hung out at the grid. Once the race began I put on the 400mm lens and decided to put it to the test. I was getting some pretty decent shots and decided to stay with the 400mm lens through out the endurance race. Once again, like the practice runs, I mixed it up by hanging at T2 and the chicane. As always enjoy!!

US Vintage Grand Prix, held 6/15/2009 was a wet one. I spent most of the day at T2 checking out the new course. I still like T3 better, the riders are in a more dynamic riding postion. After the rain stopped I ventured down to the chicane for the last few races. The pictures are broken down into three groups. The practice session (270 pics), races (630 pics), and stuff. The stuff are just some random shots in the garage while I took a break from the rain. As the saying goes "A rainy day at the track is better than a good day at work!"

During the winter to help the void while I waited for the 2009 season to start I visitedt DP Motorsport, owned by Dave Percival. Dave not only has several riders ride his BMW bikes that he works on, but he also collects rare vintage BMW motorcycles. Feel free and to check it out and see a brief look at Dave's BMW collection and the stories behind them.
 DP Motorsports 

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