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A long hard satisfying day

Hi everyone welcome to the Motor Sports page. I spent Saturday in Berwick Maine attending the "Rock and Roll" trials. It was my first time shooting a trail event and found it to be both fun to shoot, to watch, and was a real challenge trying to snap the trigger at the right time. The event consisted of a 1 1/2 mile loop with 10 expert stations and (I maybe wrong) 12 novice stations. Each rider had 4 hours to cover the 1.5 miles and each station 4 times. It took a little time to understand and to anticipate the rider's next move. I spent most of the day shooting at expert 7 and expert 8. The last 45 minutes I spent at expert 9. Definitely would like a second chance at shooting another one. Enjoy!!

The North America Racing Championship started off with a thick cloud cover similar to the Grand Prix making the morning practice runs made for some very dull flat photos. Once again after lunch the sun broke. The morning practice runs I spent in the bowl, which was a first for me, not sure if it was the lack of sun or the location that made it hard to get excited about the pictures I took. For the second practice session I headed over to turn 2. For the races I started at T2 then moved to T3 and ended the day in the chicane. As always enjoy!

The weather for the Grand Prix started off a little overcast. After lunch the sun broke just in time for the first race of the day. I started the morning practice shooting in T2 then after lunch T3 and ended the day in the chicane. As always enjoy!

Vintage Celebration couldn't have started off any better at New Hampshire Motor Speedway with picture perfect weather. Good thing there were a couple of hours of practice time. It took that much time to get back into the swing from panning to quickly adjusting the camera settings while trying not to miss any of the action. I spent the morning at chicane and T2. For the first session of races I camped out at T3 and for The second session I hung out at the chicane. As always the pictures are in the order that I shoot, which helps tell the story(s) of the day. It felt good to back! Already looking forward to Vintage Grand Prix on June 14th.
This year's vintage cars were great! So feel free to browse through the car album too.

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