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Senior Portraits - What To Wear




Picking your wardrobe is very important for your portraits.

Family Portraits

What applies for Senior pictures, below, also applies for family portraits. Except in a family group, proper clothing coordination is critical. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out because the clothing is too light or bright as compared to the rest of the group.

Senior Portraits

Good idea Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints. Dark colors photograph well. Choose styles and looks that will be in style next year as well as this summer. Otherwise youre portrait will look dated and out of style in a year or two. Classic solid sweaters will always be in style.

Bad idea- Stripes, busy patterns, large and bold patterns and loud colors these can be very distracting in your portraits and tend to draw the attention away from your face. Beware of trendy clothing that may be out of date after the season is over.


Good idea - Casual outfits, color suggestions black, khaki, pink, purple, orange, navy, blue, tan, gold, burgundy and dark yellow.

Bad idea- Be careful of bright greens as they often clash with the greens of the leaves and grass. Avoid white, light/pale yellow or other very light/pale colors outdoors.

Don't forget

[ ] Shoes for each outfit . barefoot and sandals are also nice for casual outfits
[ ] Socks . although white socks are in, they don't photograph well, so bring dark ones too
[ ] Jewelry . especially your class ring, belts, and accessories for each outfit
[ ] Hair products/accessories, make-up or anything else you may need to complete a look or to freshen up.
[ ] Try all of your outfit selections on to ensure proper fit before the day of your session
[ ] Have all outfit selections pressed and ready to go . nice and wrinkle free
[ ] Guys may need a fresh shave . a 5 o'clock shadow can not be retouched
[ ] If you are in sports remember your jerseys, helmet, ball, etc. You often need to contact your school/coach weeks in advance to get jerseys and helmets during the summer.
[ ] Lenses . lenses must be removed from your glasses. Your optometrist will do this for free if you can't do it yourself. Or... borrow a pair of empty frames from your optometrist that look similar to your own. They'll often do this for free or charge a small deposit that usually is refunded after you return them.

Try and Avoid
  • Visible tan lines, uneven sunburn from ball caps or short sleeves, raccoon eyes from sunglasses. Try to stay out of the sun a week or two before your session because these things can not be retouched. Your session will need to be rescheduled if this becomes and issue.
  • Wrinkling your clothes If they are wrinkled they will photograph that way.
  • Borrowing suit items or other clothes with out being properly fitted. It is imperative that your shirt and tie are properly fitted and that your suit/sport coat is the proper size.
  • Changing your hair style prior to your session your family and friends should be able to recognize you. Guys DO NOT get a haircut the week of your session it may reveal un-tan skin
  • Waiting until the day of your portrait session to contact your coach for your sports equipment/gear or contacting your optometrist to select a sample of your frames or have your lenses taken out.

Props can help to show your personality and record the types of activities you are involved in. Be sure to bring some of your own props to your portrait session. Here are some ideas:
  • Musical Instrument
  • Vehicle (car/truck/bike/quad) pleae let me know in advance.
  • Leather Jacket
  • Uniform/ball/helmet/shoes/stick/bat the more the better!
  • Hats
  • Sports Equipment
  • Sunglasses
  • Poms/megaphone, cheerleaders dont forget your lollies.
Friends and Parents
Friends or parents are welcome. They can be a help. You can have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or sibling at no extra charge.

Get a good nights rest, relax and be ready for a great portrait session!

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