Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains
On February 29th I decided to Head up to Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains to take some pictures. When I left the seacoast the temp. was 1 degree above zero at Alton Bay it was -6. Once at Cathedral Ledge I had to get to the top for some pictures. 40 minutes later (1 mile hke up) I was there and yes it was worth it.
Night Ends
Suns rays
Morning Pine
Gazebo Winnipesaukee
Fish Shanties lake Winnipesaukee
Lake Fog Wolfeboro
Boat dock In The Lake Fog
Shanty in the Fog
Belnap Mountains
Snow Swirls
Mount Shaw
Bald Knob
Mount Chocorua
Mount Chocorua Peak
Through The Trees Mt Chocorua
Mount Chocorua
The Peak Mount Chocorua
Mount Chocorua
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