I would like to thank Dave for showing me his collection of Motorcycles and sharing the
stories behind his bikes. From the information that Dave gave, Dave's Museum and the research, and
I learned a lot about the history of the BMW motorcycles.

Dave told me he had close to 100 motorcycles after walking through three rooms, all three
filled with Motorcycles or sidecars, it appeared to me that Dave may have been a
little conservative in his numbers.

I was told that there was a story behind every bike and it was true. There
were numerous more stories that Dave shared with me during my visit each one was about the
bikes origin or how he obtained the bike. What impressed me the most wasn't the number
of bikes in his collection, but the number of people that Dave met and the number of
friends he gained by that one common thread, The BMW motorcycle.

There still is one more thing I need to finish this article and that is a picture
of Dave. Not just any picture of Dave. Not just any bike, but Dave standing beside
"The Victoria". Completely restored.

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