"Dave's Favorite"

Dave's favorite is a BMW 500cc Rennsport sidecar. The engine was designed for racing and
approximately 25 of these engines where manufactured. Because of their low profile and power
was best suited for the sidecar. The 500cc Rennsport sidecar from 1959 to the early 70's dominated
the racing scene winning 19 world championships in the sidecar class a record that still stands today.

On the front of the sidecar in black lettering is "In Memory Of Heinz Luthringhauser".
Heinz was world class sidecar racer. In 1970 he won the German Championship, 1972 he was
vice world champion and 1974 he won the Tourist Trophy, the world's toughest road race.
Heinz also was a collector of Motorcycles, with his favorite being BMW's. In 1980 to show is
bike collection to the public he opened a motorcycle museum.

Tribute to Heinz Luthringhauser
The other person that played a key part in Dave's sidecar was Dieter Busch who was
the builder of many of the BMW racing sidecars during the 60's and 70's. Dave met
Dieter through Heinz while they were outfitting Heinz sidecar from the right to the left
after Heinz lost his left leg.
1954 BMW 500cc Rennsport sidecar
Dave met Heinz in 1970 through his good friend Walter Hanss. Heinz asked Dieter if he
would build Dave's bike for him. Dieter said yes. Dieter built the bike not that he knew
Dave, but because any friend of Heinz was a friend of his. If it wasn't for
Heinz the 1954 500cc Rennsport sidecar would still be sitting in the corner of Dave's garage
as a bunch of motorcycle part. So to pay tribute to Heinz after his death Dave had
stenciled onto the front "In Memory Of Heinz Luthringhauser", the most fitting tribute to a
great departed friend and racer.
If it wasn't for Heinz it would have been a pile of parts
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