"The Victoria KR1"

The Victoria
Dave's next project is to restore a 1921 Victoria motorcycle with a BMW M2B15 engine. The bike
took Dave about 30 years to obtain. As I stood there along side the bike and
visualized the bike fully restored you could instantly see why Dave's desire to have this bike in
his collection was so strong. The mechanical components, the design were so simplistic from shifting,
to the fly wheel, to the brake system. The Brake system consisted of a piece of
wood on lever that the rider would pull engaging the piece of wood into a V-sheave.
1921 Victoria motorcycle with a BMW M2B15 engine
The Victoria fly
Dave first saw the Victoria in 1971 while in Germany. The Bike was dusty and dirty, but
everything was intact and so Dave's infatuation for the bike began. Whenever Dave was in Germany
he would always make a pilgrimage to see his friend and the bike where Dave would
always ask if he could buy the bike, which the man would reply on every visit that
he hopes to restore the bike someday.
The BMW M2B15 engine with fly wheel
The Victoria brake
During a visit to Germany in 2002 Dave once again paid a visit to his friend.
Once again his friend mentioned that he still had plans to restore the bike. Dave pointed
out to him that the shed to where the 1921 Victoria was being stored was missing its
roof and the shed was starting to fall over. The only thing that was keeping the bike from
falling into the cellar was the beam that it was resting on. The next morning
during breakfast the gentleman announced that he had made a decision about the bike. He told
Dave that it was about time the bike got a good home.
The Brake system consisted of a piece of wood that engaed into a V-sheave
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