"The Sidecars"

EMW Eisenacher Motorenwerk
Along the far wall sat three sidecars that instantly caught my eye. To understand my enthusiasm
and appreciation all you would need to do is take in one Sidecar race and you too would
be hooked. What also became apparent was that two of the three were not BMW sidecars,
but an EMW sidecar and an AWO sidecar. Why would a BMW collector have two
bikes from another manufacture?
EMW (Eisenacher Motorenwerk) logo looks like a BMW logo except red.
AWO Autowelo
After World War II Germany was split, leaving several BMW plants in East Germany and several
in West Germany. The plants continued manufacturing motorcycles after World War II. EMW continued using
the BMW name until 1952. Following a trademark lawsuit the East German plant changed their name to
EMW (Eisenacher Motorenwerk). EMW still used a round logo similar to the BMW except instead of being
blue it was red. A lot of the components of the EMW and AWO (Autowelo) bikes were
interchangeable with there counterpart in West Germany. The one difference that was evident was that the
East German bikes (EMW & AWO) were still using the pre-war technology when compared to the
BMW bikes being built during that time period.
AWO (Autowelo) logo
AWO Autowelo
The other side car, which was definitely built for racing, was a much newer sidecar. In
fact Dave said, "That it's to new to race in the Vintage class and to old to be competitive
against today's sidecars." The sidecar was built by a certified Nuclear Welder and showed in the
workmanship of the welds. Dave's hunch is that the aluminum used to build the sidecar is
probably nuclear grade material too.
To old to be new and to new to be old.
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