"The Willie"

The Willie
The current project that Dave is working on with the help of Barrington Motor Works is the Willies.
The goal was to put together a vintage BMW motorcycle with increase performance in the 500 GP class. One of the problems
with BMW bikes, unlike chain driven bikes, is to change the drive ratio. The 60's BMWs
only offered three different rear drive arrangements where the 70's had eight choices. The 60's BMW motors
were a lot stronger than the 70's motors. So to take advantage of the best of both worlds
they took a 1961 engine and married it to a 1976 rear drive and mounted it all on a 1971 frame.
The Willie 4 plus years in the making.
willie Engine
Three years into the project a friend, Willie Bertsch a German motorcycle racer, while
visiting Dave's shop told Dave that it was a great idea, but it wasn't going to
work. Willie went on to explain why and then how to correct the problem. That is how the
bike was named the Willie.
60's BMW engine with a 70's BMW Drive.
Willie I
The Willie made it's racing debut in 2008 and won the USCRA (United States Classic Race Association ) 500 GP class.
Dave and Barrington Motor Works are currently working on the Willie II, and the Willie III.
With luck we'll get to see the "Willie II" and the "Willie III" in the 2009 race season. Could make for some interesting races in 500 GP class.
Won the 2008 USCRA 500 GP class.
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