Walter Hanns, The Egli And The GS Bike

Egli Side
The man on the bike was Walter Hanss, the builder of the Egli. The bike consists
of an Egli design frame with a BMW engine. Fritz Egli of Switzerland is famous for his
frame designs and most noted for the Egli Vincent. The story about the Egli goes, that Walter
had asked Fritz to build him a frame. Instead Fritz gave Walter the jig that would allow Walter
to manufacture his own bike using the Egli frame design. The bike was built in the late 80's
and is a one of a kind
An Egli frame with a BMW engine
Egli Front
Walter's Egli was raced in the "Battle of Twins" class, which was popular in Europe during
that period. The bike consistently finished in the top 5 and had a couple of second place
finishes during the bike's racing career. What was ironic was that both times Walter's bike was
beaten out of the championship it was by Walter's good friend who lived just a few miles away.
The Egli Built by Walter Hanss.
GS Bike
Another "one of the kind" bike that Dave owns was also built by Dave's good friend
Walter Hanss. The GS bike was built as a street bike using BMW stock motorcycle parts
and with some modifications to the frame. The bike had character and its own uniqueness
that made it jump out at you, which says a lot about the bike when being in a
room with thirty other bikes. I have also heard from other sources that the ride isn't your typical BMW ride.
One unique feature is the exhausts under the saddle
GS Bike2
GS street bike had character and its own uniqueness .
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