The Bikes Behind Dave Percival Owner Of DP Motorsports

DP Motorsports
There is a good chance that if you're into vintage motorcycles, vintage motorcycle racing,
or vintage BMW motorcycles, then you've probably heard of Dave Percival and DP Motorsports.

I got to meet Dave on several occasions while photographing Vintage Motorcycle races.
What made me decide to visit DP Motorsports were the stories behind his BMW bikes. The Stories ranged
from how he acquired the bikes to current projects on enhancing their performances.
So On a cold day in January I headed up to Andover, Maine to see first hand the bikes behind the man.

1923 BMW
It was 1958 when Dave first became interested in BMW Motorcycles. He was 21 years old and
stationed in Germany in the Army Corp of Engineers. Dave and his buddy were in the German
country side making rocket fuel near a dike when they noticed a guy straddling a bike
staring down at them from the road above. Dave decided to go and check out the young man
and his bike. Even though there was a language barrier between the two men they were still
able to chat about the bike. That was the day Dave's passion for BMW
motorcycles began. Soon after that Dave was riding a 1954 500cc BMW where
over the next two years, while in Germany, he logged over 20,000 kms (12,000 miles) on the bike.
The first two bikes are a 1923 BMW R32 The First to be designed by Max Fritz. The first bike was the 103rd to be built.
All BMW Bikes
A Half a century later Dave's love and passion for BMW Motorcycles is still strong with close to
100 motorcycles in his collection. He told me that it wasn't just the bikes that kept him going,
but the people he got to meet, because of that one common thread it didn't matter if that person
spoke German, Japanese, or another language you could always talk and converse about the motorcycles.
Dave has close to 100 Motorcycles in his collection.
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